About SolarGate

Established in 2008, SolarGate Technology is invested by a world-class leading semiconductor foundry, United Microelectronics Corporation (NYSE: UMC). With UMC¡¦s profession and experience to further strengthen the corporative and financial structure, SolarGate has been committing itself to advancing the development and applications of solar photovoltaic technologies.

We see ourselves as a pioneer of crystalline silicon solar PV technology in Taiwan and China. Our staff consists of experienced business elites from various industries and specializing in sales, marketing, finance, research and development, manufacturing, quality assurance, and administrative support. These high-caliber professionals all together make SolarGate a world-class crystalline solar PV manufacturer.

SolarGate will always stay on the top of the newest technology and bring its benefits to our valued customers. We provide solar power products and systems from household to small/medium scale power stations, including stand-alone system, grid-connected system and total solution for all kinds of applications. Through the well-trained technicians, well-cooperated supply chains and strong alliances, all of the commitments will be executed precisely and efficiently from design to installation. 

As a green enterprise, SolarGate is devoted itself not only to our customers but also the environment.

Business Philosophy

SolarGate is a corporation with commitment to delivering on his promises. We promise to increase stockholders¡¦value and pursue a long-term growth.

Four Commitments

  • To Customers

Satisfaction is our priority. Using the state-of-the-art technology makes SolarGate more cost-effective and further accelerates the development of next-generation products in order to fully meet customers¡¦requirements and become the supplier of choice. We are dedicated to developing new technologies for products and processers in partnership with customers.

  • To Stockholders

SolarGate pursues ethics, competitiveness and excellence throughout all activities to assure the best return of the investment of capital, adding value to its equity. We maintain a permanent and open communication channel with investors and stakeholders, offering clear, updated and consistent information about company management, strategy and performance.

  • To Employees

SolarGate¡¦s employees are crucial for the success of the company. We maintain a decentralized corporate culture that functions efficiently as well as expands employees¡¦competencies recognizing that company¡¦s success is a result of personnel motivation and commitment. Hence, we provide a healthy and motivating working environment to create employee satisfaction.

  • To the Earth

Global warming and the gradual depletion of resources are the inevitable issues for the continuing lives of the Earth and human civilization. With its passion for the Earth, SolarGate not only strives to grow forever, but also commits itself to providing efficient and affordable renewable energy worldwide. As an eco-friendly enterprise, we hold ourselves responsible for a better life of our future generations.


Corporate Values


Integrity is our core values. At SolarGate, strong corporate management best demonstrates our commitments to our goal. We devote ourselves to honoring the words and respect given.


We believe that consistent professionalism is the key to success. taffs at SolarGate, from R&D, marketing to after-sales services, are dedicated to performing work of professionalism and strive for excellence in the photovoltaic industry.


Innovation is the locomotive of an enterprise's growth. We believe in the potential in everyone to innovate. The spirit of innovation is deeply embedded in every member of SolarGate from top to bottom.



Consciousness of obligation is the driving force that takes things to the realm of perfection. SolarGate team is self-driven and motivated to provide sound services and reliable products to our clients, in keeping with this principle.Our work of conscience extends reciprocally our society and the environment.